Don't be caught without your scissors again!! Whether you are gardening or doing any craft work or any other commercial work, the QuickString™ dispenser is for you! Quick Industries came up with a design which would fit comfortably to your waistband, so you only need to use one hand to pull and safely cut the twine or a ribbon. This handy dispenser from Quick Industries takes the hassle out of tying grapes, tomatoes and other vines in need of support. Tying balloons and wrapping presents done in a fraction of the time thanks to this great but simple invention by the Quick Industries. And once you use QuickString™, you will wonder how you ever did without this awesome product.


Natural Jute Twines

Quick Industries, Inc.
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Natural Jute Twines

Natural Jute Twine - 250' 3 Ply (6 Pack)

(6) 250' rolls of 3-Ply Indian Jute Twine.


Natural Jute Twine - 250' 3 Ply

250' roll of 3-Ply Indian Jute Twine.


Natural Jute Twine - 308' 4 Ply

308' roll of 4-Ply Indian Jute Twine.