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Quick String Dispenser with 250' Natural Jute Twine

The original Quick String™ dispenser with 250 feet of natural jute twine.

Quick String is a very handy string dispenser and safety cutter that clips on your belt while working and can be taken off and hung on a wall mounted clip when the day is done. Quick String allows you to easily carry your string with you all day, dispense the amount you need and cut it with one hand. No need to find and open a knife and no more accidents with knives or scissors. Since the blade is safe for children, the whole family can work together on projects. Most twines, strings, and plastic tying ribbons feed and cut without tangling. The twine needs to be less than four inches high and four and a quarter inches wide to fit into the Quick String tub.

When staking and tying flowers, grape vines or vegetables, Quick String allows you to hold the plant with one hand and dispense the twine with the other. Tying plants for support is necessary for many tall flowers like Gladiolas and heavy bearing vegetables like tomatoes. The Quick String also works on recyclables like twigs, dried flowers, newspapers, and folded cardboard. Other possible applications are: layout of beds, designating rows, level for hedge trimming, tying to trellising, attaching identification labels, and tying down plant covers.

The plastic dispenser and cutlery cutter are resistant to dirt and rust, making Quick String an excellent choice for outdoor use in all kinds of weather. At the end of the day the Quick String dispenser is easily unloaded, cleaned with a garden hose and hung on the wall, ready for another day.